It is unlikely that I shall break this code of respect, it shall not be written off as absurd and lacking of a desirable meaning. It shall be the point of reference for all my works, to judge my rights and wrongs, to indulge my morality when I veer off the artist’s true path.


I hereby pledge allegiance to only my mind and the art that overflows from it, my opinion shall not be stirred by anyone, however I shall take lightly and to heart your comments for they provide a point of view of which I shall honor. Perhaps they shall guide me on what to write about when I have a mind block or uninspired. I shall regard you as part of my inner circle, part of my family and will respect your correction and your ever loyal presence. I shall however, ignore those who tend to disrespect my family and me, they shall be acknowledged as outsiders, bound only to be cast out into the night that is their ignorance.

I shall speak plainly without use of pompous words such as pompous, I will be free however to use the language that best describes my creative works. For this reason my work shall be explicit, full of detail, not sparing a good laugh. It shall be entirely truthful and if alluding to any person, I shall seek their consent to use any detail about their life or lifestyle. I might at times change the style of my works but only to keep everything interesting and suspenseful. I shall do my homework and strive to present only truthful articles with updated details, correct statistics and unblemished facts. It shall be upon me to interest you with profound knowledge, never wavering from the context of my story. I shall proofread the articles I write for any errors, grammatical or moral, before I publish them on my blog in order to keep my readers unfazed and strangely applauding the time I put into my work.

Out of respect for my fellow bloggers I shall never tarnish their names, work or creative capacity but I shall be swift to correct any lie, false statistic or moral perversion that they might indulge their readers with. I shall therefore uphold a good blogger and their works, alluding them in my text only by their consent. I shall never disrespect a blogger, writer, musician, poet or any creative artist by imposing their works as mine, if so then it shall be upon myself to apologise to them and to my readers and humbly expect and accept any terms of punishment. I shall never publicly use my blog to tarnish another man’s reputation by writing intolerable things about them, whether a truth or a lie, I shall seek discretion upon these personal matters, I shall only seek to correct their wrongdoings and perhaps guide them towards a more prudent path.

I shall continually expand my creative personality and with that, the horizon of my thoughts and ideas. It will be my greatest achievement when my work is viewed as entirely unique and entirely authentic in the eyes of my readers, critics and fellow bloggers. I shall never disappoint my readers, I shall leave them craving more good reads, stuck on a ride that only goes up. I shall motivate my readers to better their lives, grow out of themselves into the person they would be proud of, reminding them that the world is a small place and that most of us go through the same struggles with only different postal addresses. I shall remind them of the beauty in a dark world, of the insanity in being part of a crowd. I shall be part of this inner circle, and they shall never lack a day’s worth of a delightful read, this is my personal creed.
Collin Atuti


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