All men must serve.

Valar dohaeris is a fictional Braavosi response to the greeting Valar Morghulis, all men must die, from the renown HBO series, Game of Thrones. An adaptation of the book series,A Song of Fire and Ice by George.R.R Martin.
To me it portrays the inevitability of death and so we must serve, we must live out a purpose-led life, we must leave behind us a legacy that burns for eternity. Life is unstable, it fades so fast and it leaves us exhausted trying to catch every whim of pleasure and opportunity that it so often provides.
Faint hearts hold us back from reaching for that emblem that we so richly deserve and we end up serving the dreams of others instead of ours, building a temple that is not ours to enjoy. Pay life with the fruit of your labor, bring to life your brainchild and see it build an entire empire for you. Ideas live and die of our own accord, each day our minds create a vast array of fast approaching yet ever fading thoughts that if woven together create a world of their own. These ideas fade because we let them crumble between our fingers. We discriminate because we lack faith in these untapped treasures our minds have furnished.
Always ask yourself before you turn down that insane idea brewing in your head, what if this is the future, who does it benefit…there would be no regretting an idea that didn’t work out, there would only be a lesson. Great leaps of faith have given us vaccines, beautiful works of art, machines that have undoubtedly made work easier, why stop there? Have a little faith in your creative enigma, it might be the key to unlock the greatest version of yourself.
What’s an idea? Basically this beautifully strange object of your own creation that’s bound to be shared to the world. A pattern that we have to recreate in another person’s mind to give them a gift that helps them navigate the world. However, since ideas are our view of the world they can be dangerous if we culture them in a broth of hate and discrimination, hopefully give people a chance to hope, to dream of a better world. If you want to be heard, spark curiosity in the minds of your audience, reveal to them a gap in their world view, and piece together these concepts in a familiar language until the idea creates a satisfying emotion in them. Let your idea change someone’s perspective for the better, be a gift to brighten up someone’s day.
Constantly ponder upon them, never cease to dream for without these we become basic and lesser of ourselves. ”Indeed, your failure to understand that there are things much worse than death has always been your greatest weakness…”-J.K.Rowling. A fading legacy for example?

Art by Gustave Caillebotte

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