We have always existed, a primal life force that’s been part of history and the human experience. From Albert Einstein to Lady Gaga we have shown the power of introverts in a world that’s awfully loud. Though mistaken for shyness or social phobia, introverts like all other people socialize easily, they just prefer not to. It’s both a blessing and a curse since social interaction is the very spice of life, for in every human’s heart is the wish to belong, to coexist. The average introvert actually creates more empathic relationships with people, building them from the ground-up and sticking with them. They appreciate consistency, people they can depend on for they are planners and would rather go the whole mile alone than wait on others to get their shit together.
Introverts aren’t intentionally mysterious, they just actively find it really unsettling to share personal experiences or emotion and it sometimes gets in the way of building the same interpersonal relationships. They’re private people and have mastered the art of telling you little about themselves but doing it in such a way that you think you know a lot. As simple as a smile, they could push away personal questions or emotion. The science behind them isn’t that hard to comprehend; they have longer neural pathways for processing stimuli. Simply put, it’s more complicated for them to process interactions and events. Their minds juggle between attending their inner thoughts and feelings at the same time. And while extroverts run on an energy-spending nervous system, introverts run on an energy-saving nervous system that’s why they’re just as comfortable and content reading a book or watching a movie in bed just as the extroverts are at a gun-slinging, skydiving or sword-swallowing rampage of madness. They need less dopamine (the feel-good hormone) to feel euphoric than the extroverts, it’s just science.
They don’t necessarily become the greatest people the world has seen, but among the greatest artists, among the greatest personalities, they form a vast multitude. They have the loudest minds and it sometimes is distracting because there’s always a constant loop of thoughts and emotions that if weaved together forms the greatest creative outlets. They make the greatest of friends, the worst of enemies because they forgive easily but hardly forget and when taken for granted could just as easily cross that ever thin line between love and hate.
Being an introvert is an amazing feeling, you are your own jester and your own creep, in an ever dance of euphoria and the low place, but you manage because you’re also your own shrink. It’s not a liability and it makes you no less vulnerable to being betrayed or used as any other person, it’s just a personality that you have to deal with like any other human. We make our rules as we go, changing things as we learn and as we grow.
“I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby.
         Collin Atuti.



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