Ever asked yourself; when will life lose it’s appeal,when will it become bland and tasteless? Will we lose our characters to a dystopian system that assigns us our jobs,lifestyle and all that defines us in a future to come? When will the recipes become pages in just another book? But time will have to wait, for humans are a rebellious race,pushing boundaries and innovating more by the day, endless possibilities. We are this cog and wheel system with gears that drive our actions and desires.
When 30 Seconds to Mars (American Rock Band) released the album “Love Lust Faith + Dreams”, it became the closest definition of life to me, a solid handshake that became my assurance that someone finally gets it. Because we try not just to exist but to go through the very motions, through these gears we experience the vast landscape of life, its scars and its trophies.
“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”.
Love is the powerhouse of the life-force, it encompasses and is within everything, consuming us in its wake. Family, friends, lovers; they dwell at the center of these affections. It is perhaps the most powerful and mystical object that ever existed, because from it is born passion, both bad and good. It inspires the most noble of hearts to reach out to others, a helping hand, a loving touch; while to some it creates obsession, paranoia and feelings of betrayal as dangerous as the sea of adversities it creates. Love thy neighbour,love yourself even more.We protect the ones we love, we hold them close to our hearts and when they’re gone, although it hurts, they leave a part of them within us…”In loving memory.”


“Love is the rose, lust is the thorn.”
Lust is the red-room that houses our darkest secrets and desires. Our twisted inclinations dwell within, eating us alive because we cling on to them. They are our temptations,our weaknesses and our insecurities all wrapped up in the chains of our egos. It is the craving for salt to a man who is thirsty. We must have our wits with us when we make decisions,lust is easy and we must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy


“Anything is possible if you’ve got enough nerve”-J.K Rowling.
Faith is the Sanctom Sanctorum, our holy of holies, the place we go when there’s no light in our path…we ponder on the difficulties we’re about to face and we venture still, we grapple in the dark until we stumble upon the ray of the morning light. We are stronger in the end because we hold on,even in the darkest nights, to a higher belief, a stronger hand…a brighter light.


“For in dreams, we enter a world that’s entirely our own.”
Of all the gears and spokes that drive our life, our dreams are the easiest to bend to our will for there is no limit in our ability to dream,to hope for castles of glass. A steadier future not just for us but for all.
Everything is possible… the future looms before us,a grand glass cathedral that’s yet brittle but which is strengthened by our choices, the right choices. And so the wine won’t stop flowing and the music won’t fade into oblivion but will tune into the dreams we wish for ourselves.
Collin Atuti.



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