Once upon a time in a land quite quite near, as it always begins there was a tree whose roots were withered and the twigs dry and no one seemed to know why.
For through the seasons and through the years, it always stayed the same,even its name; The Everbare Tree.
Like the fig cursed,it bore no fruit of its own and this was known. By every toddler and elder who lived and died while it stood there relentless against time’s tide.
It knew not master or slave, skyscraper or cave. It knew only the enemy it fought, the wind which sought daily to bring it down to nought.
Men of strength and men full of deceit all sat under it to really think. How to wage war and how to force love down the throats of the unexpecting world.

But they died and others rose but time for the tree had forever froze like magnificent prose on a reader’s mind.

For the tree searched the ages, through the books and the pages for a sign that it’s time to spring forth was nigh
But it was not to be, at least not for this tree.
Its roots could not take hold of the swampy soils that held filth and war’s bloody spoils.
Its leaves couldn’t breathe in the foul air that clouded people’s judgement and founded their madness.

Its bark now bore scars of bitter winters and scorching summers, an odyssey of unending bummers.
Its flowers recoiled at the sight of a wasted landscape filled with people who just couldn’t escape…go to places they wanted to see, do things they’d always wanted to do, buy that expensive shoe.
The rings at its centre formed a spiral of one continuous life filled with wonder and anticipation for the latter precipitation. The rain that would bring with it a new hope, a new generation of people who could never stop.

It now took on a life-force of sorts you see after waiting all that while for the perfect time. The truth dawned on it that the world wasn’t perfect and would never be so why not give the world a reason to be. Why not express beauty instead of gloom and show the world what it could be soon.


The tree now shook itself up like a dusty old rug and shocked even the morning sun; for it now absorbed the radiation with such vigor knowing it was about to change its figure.
The roots now grew soft and deep plunging only to take the best out of what it was given to keep.
Shedding its old scaly skin it morphed into a new being. A creation of a higher faith, a creator of a higher place…
Into the sky its branches spread providing such a lovely shade. All the while its flowers bloomed with shades of red and shades of blue and such was the essence of the costly perfume.

People now flocked to see the rebirth of the everbare tree, a towering magnificent sight to see.
And beneath its perfect canopy, the lamb dined with the lion and treaties were signed to end all riots.
There was laughter where there was once frowning…a mended soul where once was dying…

Now the everbare tree saw the glory of his homeland for what it was, taking all the good from all the flaws. Giving back without a cause.
For footprints fade in the sands of time but a heart full of faith is an undying heart, trusting the darkness that envelops your path.

The tree now lost its accursed name for it now became, The Tree of Remembrance,The Monarch Tree…for all that was lost and all that was gained were printed still in its eternal rings. A memoir of time and its everyday lessons.
  Collin Atuti.



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