Today was uneventful, yesterday unfaithful; as i watched another one of my dreams fade into nothingness. It’s okay though. I fret not, if the only thing i did today was breathe, because even breathing gets harder you know.


I think to myself how my “lazy” clothes are the exact same as my gym clothes and laugh at the irony of it all as i set myself down to binge watch Game of Thrones. I heard the next season will be out in a year. How many characters could they possibly kill in a year, it’s scary mahn! I mean you’d set yourself down to watch season 7 and after the most awesome theme song ever, you’d see a black screen with the tagline, Cersei Lannister took care of George R.R. Martin too. You’d be frustrated😦but that’s the only thing you’ll probably do.


Never settle. Halfway through the episode i log on to facebook and find this site, where you can take lots of fun quizzes. Being a Potterhead(Harry Potter fan), i take the one that tells me what my patronus is, if i was ever in the icy world of J.K.Rowling. Apparently it’s a rabbit. If i was ever in a magical war, my shield would be a small misty rabbit,really:?? But the bigger picture was this: don’t be predictable,be a hopper,be good at everything and spontaneously be good at nothing,be the best rabbit you can be. Never settle for anything less than you deserve, humbly decline what isn’t meant for you. Don’t rush things,what’s yours will come to you so…Trust the process.


The train of thought i took this morning only goes to the fridge; primal thoughts you see, survival instincts. But at night it hoots relentlessly, docking unapologetic as it feeds my insomnia. I cannot remember the last time i had a good ol’ dream. Even a nightmare would be okay at this point. But still i do not worry. For i have very explicit daydreams, filled with themes of revenge and reward…


So in a few years, come find me. Dial a bigger number on the elevator for i’ll be all the way up. I built myself a great big  castle in the air all those days i was stuck on the couch, daydreaming into the night. I still have some of my  friends now, the Kings and Queens of promise who now rule the skies. With clarity you shall see how i turned my dreams into mortar and brick and how i “formed a silver spoon outta plastic.”
I’ll  show you a great deal of wonder from my glassy Penthouse, closer to God’s moonlight whispers.



Collin Atuti. 


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