The Glow.

The brightest star hides shyly behind the moon

She doesn’t realize it’s getting dark soon

Time for her to burn bright,  to grow alight

She knows not the cruelty of the night

Behind the moon she sheds her firefly skin

Slowly growing darker and dim
A now darker hue envelops her form

Faster and assuredly arrives the dawn

But the plot of the story thickens

More attentively; the gathered crowd listens

As the dawn approaches, at the darkest hour

Then our brightest star shows her power
She tells of how we shouldn’t rush into things

Even in the bleakest moments to spread our wings

Let them be awed as the light we pleasantly own 

Spreads out onto the morning dew, into the glorious dawn

Let them talk of thy name both near and far

Hear them whisper,  here’s our morning star. 

We’ll run riot.We’ll be glowing in the dark.- Coldplay

Collin Atuti. 


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