Between the Devil and the deep blue sea, i was stuck with yet another entity.

He stood before me briefcase in hand, cloaked in a coat that shadowed the glassy sand.

Unknowing of his intention as I faced my dilemma, I sought to cleverly ask him of his agenda.

But he stood there, uncomfortably silent. Like a charming tyrant, secretly violent.

Click! The briefcase opened with a snap.A quick defeaning snap like a rat caught in an untold trap.

Inside it was my trap. The Greater Good apparently AKA the lesser evil. Before me stood my dealer with the easiest way out of my choices, a get-high needle.

Between a rock and a hard place, I had so much space; space to think, to reason. Was it a better choice to escape my demons or to face them, commit highest treason?

I watched the Devil beckon for a hellish dance that would last forever,wear me out.And the waves that washed away all my faith,left me in doubt.

But he still stood in front of me, uncomfortably silent. His hands now slowly closing the briefcase, casually losing his client.

I had to act fast. I closed my eyes and I realised that there was nothing behind me but my blemished past.

The past full of my mistakes,I could trust that,I could learn from that. I did a trustfall, onto the sandy bay.I fell back casually as they all looked at me in dismay.

And in my past I saw that I had chosen the lesser evil for way too long and all it ever should have been was the Greatest Good. That right there scared them all away, the devil, the deep blue sea and my dealer in his faceless hood.

Collin Atuti.


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