I woke up today to something sinister, to a scene filled with misdirection. A misnomer of plays, an off-the stage,backstage kind of script. 

It wasn’t a dream I’m sure. For no vision of the night can be so vividly visual, whimsically witty and yet so disastrously dissapointing. An upbeat music with a hypnotic downplay. Drums of mystery, banging with silence.

I once knew a man who could say a lot of words without making an inkling of sense. I became that man. But I have a story to tell. It is not my fault I see things that bleed me of sanity, even but for a moment of true genius. Kanye vibes you see. 

I woke up today to something sinister, to a scene filled with misdirection. A misnomer of plays, an off-the stage,backstage kind of story.

They whispered in hush tones the three as if arguing intensely about something in a sphere of secrecy that only they could enter.

I felt the room enclose around me as if to say ;get closer, for nothing in the world is as important as this conversation about to unfold.

At first their voices seemed to echo as one,like they were forced to speak into a narrow tunnel with no light. Edging closer I felt a sharp pain in my gut for right in the middle of the circle, surrounded by the three, was a fourth figure lying in a puddle of blood shining like a moonlit sea. Then suddenly their voices separated as if torn apart by some rusted scalpel. Clear yet far away;unattached, unimpressed by the lifeless figure on the nonsterile floor.

Serenity. Some kind of anaesthesia. That’s what he needed, a whole lot of amnesia. A stretcher perhaps, to align his limbs and his bones. I guess he wouldn’t mind a nurse or a doctor too. Someone enthusiastic enough to care for him, before his skin turned blue. But I stood there, finding it hard to do what I did best, nurture a soul. Just because the three stood in my way, closing me out from what was clearly my cue to help. 

Perhaps if I shout, I thought, they would fuel my cause and give me a chance to help this dying soul.

Clear Back Asap

CBA I shouted, feeling some innate urge to use the least amount of syllables present. Time was awasting.

“There’s an easy method for finding someone when you hear them scream.First get a clean sheet of paper and a sharp pencil. Then sketch out nine rows of fourteen squares each.Then throw the piece of paper away and find whoever is screaming so you can help them. It is no time to fiddle with paper.”-Lemony Snicket.

#Lipakamatender  #savehealthcarekenya.   #humanizedoctors




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