In His Likeness.

The creation story, though not explicit, gives a peak into a life before the chaos. Before man became beast, before time became a thing to fear. This is my account of the story, in my own imperfect words.


Once upon a time the earth was a land full of celestial beauty, the waters were a crisp clean, wading unending upon the most colorful pebbles and shimmering under the comfortably warm noonday sun. The sky was as it is now but maintained not the chrome of blue nor gray as it does with a change in weather, but it pranced as a deer from this color to that, upon God’s command, upon his majestic watch nothing was harmed, nothing was destroyed.

And so upon the once vast sea of darkness, he formed the universe upon which all life and fate existed in an everlasting dance of choice and consequence. At the very center of that universe, at the very core, he planted a garden upon which crept the most mythical plants and creatures, besting each other at play and at flying. The garden however did need a tender hand that would forge the most delightful of tools to tend the soils, to write orchestral songs upon which the mocking jay and the bluebird would shrill their voices to in the dawn and the sunsets. He would have done it himself but he felt it needed a most curious mind to engage, to forage among the trees for fruit, to accompany the deer to the calm springs, to feast its eyes upon all the glories he had created.

Let’s create man he said, the plurality of his name was his own celestial mystery, the Trinity. The universe now a young but still enchanting array of creatures great and small was invited to watch God create man not by word but by his gentle hand. The angels abounding in glory watched with but a child’s curiosity upon the latest creation. The light around the trinity now glowed brighter than ever and as he knelt upon the soil to begin, he hummed a most mysterious tune that nothing on heaven or earth could decipher, he was happy. The Son, now bestowed upon all the power on heaven and earth by the Father, picked up the dust and let it slide between his fingers and suddenly no one could look upon the sight for he was in a cloud of thought so intense it thickened around him. He looked down into history and saw all the sadness that the fallen angel Lucifer would set upon the human race, he looked upon them with tears as they daily fought off the devil with little avail and then he saw his own journey through earth, his lifeless body hanging on that old rugged cross for the salvation of man and he saw with tears of joy as the righteous were caught up to meet him, away from all the sorrow and pain. He had never been as sure about his decision as he was now, Man was to be created.

And so begun the greatest love story in a garden, creator and creation were soon to be part of each other’s existence, man being the image of God, God being the enigma of man. In that hallowed light that surrounded him and the masterpiece before him, he shaped and curved and wove; for millenia this brainchild was to be his masterpiece, his final frontier. He needed to make a creature of vast intellect with an unquenchable curiosity, with strength unending and the physique of angels. He was almost done and with that he decided to do the most curious thing, he put into man his own blueprint so that one day, man would marvel at his work; a gift from the creator to his creation, the human genome.

It was complete, on the sixth day, the Son of God breathed into the nostrils of the clay creature before him and saw it come to life. The man felt the most compelling wind burst into his lungs like a dolphin out of water, he felt his heart warming up a firestorm of sorts pumping blood through his now fleshy body. He wasn’t just going through the motions, he was riding the wave of life feeling sensation now creep through his skin and felt the grass beneath him, the chirping of birds around him and then it felt like someone had hit the pause button within him as his eyes opened up like morning curtains rolled up to reveal the most amazing smile welcoming him to the new world; Hallo little brother.

Collin Atuti

Photography *captureboyzinsta

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