Down Memory Lane. 

Can I share a thing or two? I hope you can walk a mile in these shoes. They may hurt your feet just a bit,  but I promise it will be worth the risk.

There was a time above. A time before. There were perfect things. Diamond absolutes. But things fall, things on earth…. 

                     Bruce Wayne 

Like every story, everything was perfect… 

 …until it wasn’t. 

Do you remember what happened last time? I guess I do,  I was probably nine. There were gunshots outside our doors ’cause I remember laying down on the floor. 

We couldn’t go out to buy our daily bread,  for they had broken down every grocery shed. And In every city, in every town. We all acted like manic clowns, starting fires and shedding skin, to show what was really within. 

Fists and faces locked like lock and key,  I saw the women and children flee. And the men died where they stood,  protecting the weak as they could. It was savagery, barbaric inconsistency. Don’t you think so? 

Mr Politician had a fetish for power,  it kept him up at night. And so when he woke up, he insighted and he ignited the raw passions of mwananchi, sons of the country, he turned them into sons of anarchy. 
And he sent them forth,  armed to take over the empire.The vampire that sucked away all they ever had.

Internally displaced, they became internally depressed. Forgotten by the multitude and even by the politician’s attitude. They lost their homes and everything that gave life to their souls. 

And there were heroes, yes there was. Heroes worth the mention, but not worth the loss. They stood closest to death as they saved the rest. We honor them, both living and dead. 

Perhaps of most importance is the final plea. Look within and find the peace that we lost to the wind of hate. Violence is not our fate, it is a choice.

Make the right choice, use wisely your voice. Vote someone worth the time and if they lose, it’s still fine. There’s always next time. 📺

Photography&Article by Collin Atuti


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