My City, Mine! 

I’m ​part of that silver spoon portion

Born of unfriendly extortion

Never growing out of this lifestyle

I’m gonna stick around for a while

This city will plead for my mercies

They shall drink and always get thirsty

I shall be their knight in shining glamour

Never sparing time for their drama

Walking upon red carpets of bloody fame

History has always stayed the same

Batman,  Batman,  Batman

That was not part of the deal

You was protecting the bank

Then you walked off with  a mill’

                        Jaden Smith

Blessed are they who seek my counsel

For they are part of my inner circle

I am the air that you daily breathe

I am the money that you daily seek

Do not cross paths with the angel you know

I shall set upon you a mighty blow

Charity begins at home, in the darkest forms

And crawls into the rich banquets of norms

Signing cheques with pleasurable smiles

That hide behind them deceitful wiles

I carry around with me all the paper zeroes

Undoubtfully belonging to all the true heroes

The silver spoon chokes me delightfully

As they lock me up in my goodbye chest

Laughing their hearts out in jest

Collin Atuti. 


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